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Film Winners

Cataract Complications - Best of the Best Winner
F4: Beware the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing:  Posterior Capsule Rupture Caused by Silicone Irrigation/Aspiration Tips
Hart, John
Cataract Complications - Runner-Up
F8: Surface Modification: Better IOLs-Fewer Problems
Matsushima, Hiroyuki
Cataract Implant Surgery - Winner
F39: L-Shaped Pocket Incision for Dislocated IOL Explantation
Ohta, Toshihiko
Cataract Implant Surgery - Runner-Up
F45: Shaken but Not Blurred
Stevens, Julian
Glaucoma Surgery - Winner
F48: Minimally Invasive Micro Sclerostomy: New Glaucoma Treatment
Agarwal, Amar
Glaucoma Surgery - Runner-Up
F50: Microincision Filtration Surgery for Glaucoma
Fukasaku, Hideharu
In-House Productions - Winner
F55: Negotiating the Learning Curve in Intrastromal Refractive Lenticule Extraction: Beginner's Perspective
Brar, Sheetal
In-House Productions - Runner-Up
F58: New Technique of Managing Hypermature Morgagnian Cataract with Confidence
Dutta, Debashis
Instruments/Devices/IOLs - Winner
F66: Trocar Anterior Chamber Maintainer
Agarwal, Athiya
Instruments/Devices/IOLs - Runner-Up
F72: New Design of Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens for Anterior Capsule Fixation
Ganesh, Sri
New Producer/Young Physician - Grand Prize
F91: Transconjunctival Intrascleral IOL Fixation with Double-Needle Technique
Yamane, Shin
New Producer/Young Physician - Runner-Up
F86: Golden Nugget Technique: Maximizing Economy of Motion for Safe, Effective, and Efficient Nuclear Disassembly
Mandel, Mark
New Techniques - Winner
F109: Suture-Guided Capsular Tension Ring Insertion to Reduce Risk for Iatrogenic Zonular Damage
Page, Timothy
New Techniques - Runner-Up
F117: Magnetic-Force Capsule Fixation
Tokuda, Yoshihiro
Quality Teaching - Winner
F133: Soft Cataracts Can Be Hard
Yeoh, Ronald
Quality Teaching - Runner-Up
F160: Fellowship of the Camera: Every Surgeon's Guide to Videography
Srivastava, Samaresh
Refractive/Cornea Surgery - Winner
F147: Keratoconus - Escaping the Grey Zone
Moloney, Gregory
Refractive/Cornea Surgery - Runner-Up
F141: Prebyopic Allogenic Refractive Lenticule: New Presbyopic Treatment
Jacob, Soosan
Special Interest - Best of the Best Winner
F158: Management of Cataract Associated with Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous
Ram, Jagat
Special Interest - Runner-Up
F156: Spectroscopic Revelation
Mathen, Minu